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Mission StatementIt is the objective of Quran Professor to spread the knowledge of Islam throughout the world and to help every Muslim man, woman, and child to read and understand Quran. Setting up of the Quran Professor site was the first step in this direction and, Alhamdulillah, we have come a long way since we first launched the website. We urge you become a part of our community by signing up for Quran tutor yourself as well as encouraging your family and friends to register too. Life is short and an eternity waits for all of us in the Hereafter. Let us take the first step together towards making our present, as well as our final life as satisfactory as possible. By the grace of Allaah Almighty, we now have hundreds of students, young and old, who sign-in at all hours of the day and night, around the clock, from all over the world to take live lessons in reading and reciting Quraan, and to gain more knowledge of Islam. Yet we still feel that our work has only just begun and we have a long way to go. Therefore, we continue to work tirelessly day and night to help people learn how to read ‘The Book’, for indeed, that is the translation of the name The Quraan.

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The Qur’an literally meaning “the recitation” of the holy book is considered as of the best acts that can be performed by any Muslim. Quran reading can fill our minds with knowledge, influence us, instill a feeling of freshness and bring positive energy as well as blessings of the Almighty Allah on us! Thus, it is said that irrespective of hectic schedules and busy lives, a Muslim should take the time out to read the words of God himself!! It is no fresh news to anyone that the Holy Quran is packed with a wealth of information on all subjects that is tremendously beneficial to us in this world and hereafter. So important is the recitation of the Holy Quran that the book has been translated into several languages for the convenience and advantage of the general public!! And with our association at, your habit of reading the Holy Quran on a daily basis online will never have been this easy and handy. Online Quran learning is a breakthrough for individuals of all age groups, willing to get Quran Education. This is an opportunity for those who are not in close access of Quran teaching institutes or teachers. It is also a ray of light for those suffering from personal disabilities to regularly attend classes. This is not only some religious learning, but it is the spread of Allah’s message within the Muslim Ummah. Make the habit of reading the holy Quran online an everyday activity with our bond Yes, with our alliance at all your doubts regarding Islam and its innumerable practices can be cleared with expert help and guidance. We assure you that with only five minutes of online reading, you will start to experience a magical transformation within you that you always wanted to achieve. The Holy Qur’an is a mixture of narratives, exhortation and prescriptions. Thus, one needs lots of attention to grasp the understanding of it. Read the Holy Qur’an online and attain maximum benefits from our tutors and experienced professionals at competitive rates only from!! We are the leading online Quran tutoring service providers. Our explicit and matchless Web-based system allows us to get connected with students from any place in the world. Our service is the ideal mix of technology and human interaction, facilitating the online Quran learning process. We facilitate individuals having the desire to understand the in-depth knowledge reflected through the Holy Book. The Holy Quran recitation gives internal peace and satisfaction to the human mind, releasing a person from worldly troubles. The mere reading and recitation of Holy Qur’an brings you one step closer in interpreting the meaning of what the supreme creator has revealed. The Holy Qu’ran is the key to make mankind realize and reach the best standards of life and morality. Simply put, online Qur’an learning is a blessing for its learning truly means a lot for a Muslim as well as for a true knowledge seeker.

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Objective of Quran Professor to spread the knowledge of Islam throughout the world and to help every Muslim man, woman, and child to read and understand Quran.

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